Lists of Children’s Names and Sample Letters

Make an emotional connection with your Shoah Yellow Candle™ delivery.

Mail merge the name of a child victim into the Meditation prayer page.

Leaders and Men’s Club President’s letter plus insert a meditation letter with each candle.

  • Personalize the meditation or El Maleh Rachamin meditation with the names of children that perished in the Holocaust.  Personalizing the prayer with a child victim’s name helps connect families with children to the Yellow CandleTM they receive.
  • Meditations should have language about the mitzvah to make a donation in the name of someone who has passed on.
  • The President’s letter, inserted with the candle, can create donations equal to the Rabbi’s letter.

FJMC clubs that have used the holocaust children merged meditation have experienced an increase in donations from synagogue families with children. This is a population that historically has not been well connected with the Shoah. Refer to support material on the FJMC web site.

Insert to Rabbi or Presidents letter:

“During the Holocaust, the Nazis and their collaborators murdered over 1.5 million Jewish children under the age of 16.  This year, the Men’s Club hopes to personalize your family’s observance of Yom HaShoah by providing each Synagogue family with the name and homeland of a young victim who may have no surviving relatives to light a candle in his or her memory.”

Ready to Print Labels.  Here are two formats. Please click the below for a list of children fully laid out for Avery Label 8371 Business Cards.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  There are more than 3,000 children’s names in this file.  They are ten names on every page. This file holds more than 300 pages. PLEASE PRINT CAREFULLY. Print ONLY the number of pages you will need. For example, if you are distributing 250 candles, print only the first 25 pages.

Word Merge Lists.  These lists of 500 children, as well as adults, that lost their lives in the Holocaust can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

A sample President’s letter can be downloaded by clicking on this link.    The mail merged formatted meditation prayers ready to use can be downloaded by clicking on this link. The instructions on how to do the Mail Merge can be downloaded by clicking on this link.