Funding a Program

Initial Funding

There are many ways to underwrite the initial costs of the program:


There are usually members in an organization interested in Holocaust memorial activities that can finance the project. Each sponsor buys a case of Candles in honor or memory of someone. Sponsors may be children or grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Other individuals will finance the project because they want to promote Holocaust remembrance. Remember to recognize and thank your sponsors for their contributions (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

There are many businesses, i.e., lawyers, accountants, and home renovation companies, to name just a few, where a single new customer would more than pay for sponsorship. A sponsor might be a local business that understands that Jewish community members are likely good potential customers. A club in suburban Virginia had a local car dealership sponsor its program, as the educational material which came with the candle mentioned the dealer’s sponsorship.

Holocaust Group

If a synagogue has a committee that organizes Holocaust memorial events, the committee may help with funding. Work with them in their budgeting process well before the Candle program year.


An organization with a sufficient treasury can underwrite the program itself. In virtually all cases, an organization can replenish its treasury (or more) based on the Candle program.

Seeking Donations

Most organizations implementing the Shoah Yellow Candle Program offer members the opportunity to donate upon receiving the candle. This is consistent with the Jewish tradition of giving tzedakah in memory of a departed person at the time of the yahrzeit (the anniversary of the individual’s death). Seek NEW IDEAS from the new best practices video, successful Torch Award applications, and our stories.

What is the value of a Yellow Candle? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question for each person to consider. By asking for a donation of only $18 per candle (the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word chai, or “life”), an organization requires a return of only 16% to cover the initial costs of purchasing and distributing Yellow Candles! All monies raised above that amount result in a “net profit” to the organization, which can fund its Holocaust programs and related activities. The general return per case of Candles is $50 – $100, although some organizations do much better.

Please browse this website to find proven exciting programming ideas and guides. By establishing and conducting one or more of these programs or other programs to commemorate the Holocaust and memorialize its victims, the organization will generate enthusiasm for the Yellow Candle and more donations.