USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail (formerly known as Bulk Mail) Information

What paperwork do I need for USPS bulk mailing?

You can download blank postage statement forms here:

Marketing Mail – Nonprofit (3602‑N)

When you present your parcels, you’ll need two forms.

The first is called the postage statement. It’s a summary of who you are, how many pieces you are mailing, how many trays or sacks, and what postage you expect to be charged. Marketing Mail – Nonprofit (3602‑N). You can also download blank forms and fill them out yourself.

Unless manifested using eVS under 705.2.9, any mailing claiming a discount and all permit imprint mailings must be accompanied by a postage statement completed and signed by the mailer (in duplicate if the mailer wants a receipted copy). While it is not absolutely required for every mailing, it’s makes life a lot easier for the postal clerk who has to review your mailing, and you always want to make your postal clerk’s life as easy as you can.

If you’re Barcoding your mail, you may also be asked for “form 3553”. This form shows that your mailing list has been CASS certified, as required for Barcoding. Form 3553 comes from the software that does it. It’s typically included with the files that you download when the list has been certified. You are required to produce your form 3553 if asked, so it’s always a good idea to bring a copy with you when you take your mailing to USPS.

Bulk mail delivery is tricky and can result in accidental overcharges. Please review Publication 417, Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail Eligibility or get advice from your Business Mail Entry Unit personnel. Prices are subject to change.  If you are planning to bulk mail candles, be sure to work with your local postmaster well in advance of the time you will be mailing candles. This will ensure you get the best price to mail your candles.

The following information outlines the requirements for the distribution of Yellow CandlesTM via bulk mail with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Bulk mailing consists of 200 or more pieces identical in size weight and content with pieces sorted, bundled and bagged in ascending ZIP code order. The USPS does not consider bulk to be priority mail and delivery may be delayed up to three weeks. The data is current as of November 10, 2021, and is subject to change.


  1. Synagogue or organization must have a bulk mailing permit number.  The post office that issued the permit is a bulk mail distribution location.
  2. Must use the FJMC bubble mailer envelope to meet the minimum size for best pricing.
  3. The total weight sample was 4.6 oz. – candle, envelope, two pages 8 ½ x 11.
  4. The envelopes must be sorted by zip + 4 code.
  5. To obtain the lowest bulk mail rates, you must have a minimum of 200 bubble mailer envelopes with properly defined and posted bar-codes and sorted in ascending ZIP code order.
  6. Each envelope must contain: mailing bar code IMPB.
    a.  Mailing Bar code LAB 400. The bar code is provided by the bulk Distribution post office at no charge.  Request the number that you need.  For nonbarcoded parcels, add $0.041 per piece. The surcharge does not apply to pieces sorted to 5-digit ZIP Codes.
    b.  The address label and bar code must be on the same side of the envelope with no part wrapping the edges of the envelope.
    c.  Your permit Indicia must be on every envelope.
  7. The Post Office will provide at no charge a “NUMBER 1 MAILING SACK” the sack has an insert to put the zip code of the envelopes in the sack.  Pre-register shipment on web site before going to Post Office. Please review the “Types of Post Offices” section below before registering. how to register.
  8. The cost of each envelope (commercial) at a DSCF facility properly packed and documented is approximately $1.05.
  9. “USPS Marketing Mail Nonprofit Parcels, Machinable Parcels”.
  10. The more expensive first-class mailing cost for one 4.6 oz bubble mailer envelope is approximately $4.60.

Types of Post Offices

  1. DSCF – Destination Sectional Center Facility
  2. BMEU -business Mail Entry Unit
  3. DNDC – Destination Network Distribution Center closest to you, go to
    Select the following prompts:
    a.  Postal Explorer
    b.  Business solution tab
    c.  Labeling list
    d.  Effective date
    e.  After you find city, Google to find address
    f.   At DSCF, bar-coded, local pre-sorted for-profit 5 digit zip codes at DSCF cost $.878 per pound, plus $.80 per envelope.  If you can do non-profit and the same pre-sorted criteria at DSCF, the cost is .655 per pound, plus .68 per envelope.
  4. To find Local BMEU, higher price location, go to
    a.  Quick tools
    b.  Find USPS locations
    c.  Select business TAB
    d.  Enter zip code
    e.  Select Post Office
    f.   Look to see if it is a Bulk Mail Facility.  Your Business Mail Entry Unit staff can talk to you about your options.

How to Pre-Register Your Shipment

  1. Register online at post office where your mail permit was obtained.  Select the following prompts at
    1. Business Customer Gateway
    2. Register for free
    3. Attach Permit to Gateway account
    4. Postal Wizard
    5. Marketing Mail – Nonprofit (3602‑N)
    6. Mailing Date – deliver to USPS week before shipping date.
    7. Pick Permit Number
    8. Pick non-profit
    9. Pick post office
    10. Fill form – see our sample at this link
    11. Pay for shipment
    12. Print Confirmation Page and bring to post office with shipment

How to Order Bar Code Labels by Mail

  1. Select following prompts at
  2. Mail & ship
  3. Order stamps & supplies
  4. Shop supplies- bottom of page
  5. USPS Tracking Labels LAB 400
  6. Can order 4 packs of 50 at one time.